Online University of Professional Education

1. Video-Production (video is a survey and editing)

SeeAns gives the wide spectrum of services in the production of video of rollers, since a survey ending editing and постпродакшеном.  We create as simple teaching видеоролики or video of presentation, so difficult videos training with built-in graphic arts and stratification of shot.

2. Online-translations

SeeAns can organize однокамерные and multicamerate on-line of translation in high quality that does not yield to on a level televisional translations. It can be:

- it is the Living remote,

- it is Translation of presentation or press-conference in an apartment,

- it is Translation of concert or sport event.

Due to a professional equipment and mastery of our specialists we can guarantee quality of the got video picture.

3. Aerial photography

SeeAns can organize realization of survey from the height of bird flight for reasonable money. Similar service can interest the organizers of scale events outdoors (sport competitions, festivals), advertising agencies of large person building, proprietors of factories and plants (creation of presentation films about the objects of the real estate, промо video with demonstration of objects of any sizes, in difficult of access to the man places), cinema and video of producers (in the production of commercial films and type of clips).