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To the master of his craft 

Dear experts, remember those who have taught you! What were the people, what the pillars! Indeed, thanks to including them, many of you are engaged in science. Even Isaac Newton in his time well said: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." 

Maybe it's time to pay debts? Maybe except for fame and success your course will give someone the knowledge which he lacks. And someone, listening to your lectures, you will come to learn and continue your business. 

If you have an idea or course outline - write to us. And we will do it together with you. 

for authors 

If you know that you are a tough specialist in any field (and this not only you know)), or do you work? Tremendous company in an executive position, or do you just famous person, then you may well? Become an author SeeAns. 

All you need to do: 
- Send to,? Or Skype seeans your contact information. 
Next we ourselves impartially consider your candidacy and will report on further action. 
Remember - we are not just a platform with video courses, we Hall of Fame's most venerable experts. 


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