Online University of Professional Education
Privacy Policy

Collection of information

We collect data about visitors and users of our web-site. Data include information about that, what pages were looked over by a visitor, IP- address of user, email that who wrote us or subscribed to distribution of news and other information is voluntarily sent by the visitor of web-site.

We use information for connection with our users, for the improvement of our services, for our research

Protection of the personal data

Defence of your personal information is very important for us. But a not alone method of communication of data in the internet can not be on 100%% safe. While we aim to provide the maximal protection of data, we can not guarantee their absolute safety.

We never give and does not sell your personal information in commercial aims, after an exception if we have your permission. We can be divided by the unpersonal information with strange organizations. We similarly can divided by information with strange organizations in a limit number of cases