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Become a coach

Who can become a coach? 

If you are a respected coach, an expert in any field or just a successful manager who wants to share their experience and knowledge, we will be glad to offer you the opportunity to create your own training or a training video course. 

Your knowledge -Our support! 

We give you full support in the process of creating a video course, its advertising and promotion. You get the opportunity to spread their knowledge far beyond the city of residence, without spending a penny on transportation or renting premises. 

The possibility of additional income! 

SeeAns project gives you the opportunity not only to pass on their knowledge but also to earn. 
We share with you part of the income generated from each sale of the training: 

1 50% - if you provide a ready video material (coach takes directly to a filming and video editing training); 
2 40% - with the direct use of resources for Prodakshen SeeAns (video filming, editing, design handouts). 

The remaining 50 or 60%, respectively, we are investing in the creation of new video training courses, conducting online broadcasts, advertising and promotion of training, hosting and site management, customer service. 

To summarize: 

1 We offer you the opportunity to create video trainings, courses and online broadcasts. 
2 You can place we have already finished the video material, or we can help create it with you. The cost of creating and preparing for deployment we undertake. 
3 If you provide a ready video material - your income will be 50% of the cost of each purchase, in the case of our participation in the creation of - 40%. 
4 Requirements for video courses / training: 
        a. Minimum length of training course of one - 60 minutes. 
        b. Each training should have a clear structure. 
        in. Each training must be accompanied by a summary of the video version. 
        Requirements for the quality of post material (in the case of self-training his coach): video quality pictures - clear (at least 720 pi), with good lighting; sound quality - clear and intelligible sound, without noise.